Swagbucks Hack 2013 Working


This Swagbucks hack can add up too 500 swag bucks onto your account of course we’ve had people wanting us to keep it private but it was decided that a public release was well overdo, this Swagbucks hack comes complete with a virus scan and many vouches. If you need Swagbucks than you should use this generator.


1.) Download the Swagbucks hack (visit the download page) to get up to 500 bucks at a time in your account
2.) Next extract the hack. The file will be saved on your desktop or Flash Drive.
3.) After this, you need to open it and a splash screen will show.
4.) Enter your username and pass, click the recommended settings to bypass the Swagbucks servers as anonymous, choose the default browser on your pc/laptop and click the connect button. -This should only take a few seconds
5.) Once the connection is verified, you can use the Swagbucks hack to add bucks onto your account.
6.) Depending on the age of your account, is how you should factor what points you will be adding.
7.) IMPORTANT INFO: Use this guideline to help determine how much points you should add.

- Under 1 year old accounts use 100 points
- Under 2 years but at least 1 year old accounts can use 250
- 2 year + accounts can add the max amount.

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