Pet Society Coin Hack 2013 Free


1.Open pet society Mspace

2.sell something cheap up cheat engine

4.make firefox as the Process

5.tick hex and put the hex value as:840FFF85C12A0FF2

6.set value type as 8 bytes, and tick ASROM(Also scan read-only memory)

7.Now click First Scan.

8. You will get a few addresses(3-4) not use the first one its been patched.Right click on the 3rd address Dissemble this memory region.

10.Right click go to address, Copy the code and cancel not ok.

11. Now go to this generator

12.paste the code in the second cell and click generate.

14:copy the new big code which appears under generate.

15:return to cheat engine, again dissemble this memory region of the 3rd address.

16:tools, auto assemble.

17:past the big code and click on file ,Assign to current cheat table.

18:now go to the main cheat engine window you’ll see auto assemble cheat.

19:right click ,set a hot key C (or any key u want).

20:now go and race (do not tick freeze for the cheat during the race because u might pick a banana and the game will freeze and may not save).

21:when you’re close to the finish line press the hot key you put ex:(c) and make sure its frozen.

22:when you win the game it will freeze don’t let it freeze more than 2 seconds or u wont be able to save.

23:u’ll get 200,000-400,000 coins
24: go home and save :)

note: if u freeze it more than 2 seconds and it says (save failed retry) just refresh the page and the money (sometimes saves) but other than that it will save on 2 seconds 100%
u can also bet and get more money at the same way… but the pet must win of course..have fun..:)

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