Combat Arms VIP Rank Hack + Guns Hack FREE 2013 Latest


Hello everyone !! :D
I just want to show you one hack that i have created to pass the levels on combat arms. We are bored with this game becouse we need to speend a lot of hours to play to gain xp, but now all you have to do is to download the program and run it. You will passs your level from one to another in just 3 sec.

Instructions :
1. Download Tool
3. Save the file to your desktop and open it
4. Run Hack
5. Enjoy!

Extra tags(ignore)
Aimbot * Perfect Aimbot – Never miss a shot again * Body Aim – Aim at Head, Chest or Nuts * Aim Speed – Adjust the speed at which you aim * Aim Key – Set the aimbot to only activate by a key * Aim FOV – Set the field of view of the aimbot * Targeting Mode – Aim at the closest target by distance or crosshair * Bone Scan – Allows the aimbot to scan an enemy for a visible body part * Stick to target – Allows you to track an enemy behind walls and obstacles * Auto Switch Targets – Automatically targets a new enemy when possible
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